Save Lives This Summer blood drive banner with a blood drop happy face with sunglasses

Increased travel over the summer months leads to a heighten need for blood donations. Thank you for donating blood at our summer blood drive. You helped save lives in your community! 

Bowie Blood Drive

Battle of the Badges logo for Bowie Blood Drive

Our #BattleOfTheBadges was very close this year! WOW!!! So close, it came down to only TWO votes!
We are pleased to announce that the Team Fire Fighters won this time!!! Congratulations to the City of Bowie Volunteer Fire Department and the Bowie Rural Fire Department!! What an exciting victory to celebrate! Big thanks to Team Law Enforcement for your support and votes!
We are so grateful to both the fire fighters and law enforcement officers that protect us and keep us safe every day! Your service is so important and we are forever grateful!
The blood drive was a big success! ❤️Your donations will help save up to 186 lives for the city of Bowie.❤️ We received 62 units of blood which are already on hospital shelves, exceeding our goal by 20%!

Alvord Blood Drive

Thank you for supporting our Texas Rangers Day blood drive in Alvord! 

Blood drop with Texas Rangers logo, looks like a baseball for Alvord summer blood drive