Delegate Payroll to Us

Legend Bank now offers a payroll solution powered by Sage Payroll Services, a leading national payroll software and service company. Our Treasury Management team can help your business save time and money with this affordable online payroll service. Plus, Sage Payroll Services packages can grow and expand with your business so your needs are always top priority, no matter where you are in your business growth plan. All you need to begin this service is a business checking account. We have a robust suite of business checking and Treasury Management products to serve all of your needs. 

Here's How You'll Benefit

  • Access payroll from anywhere - Our web-based platform lets you log on with ease from your PC or mobile device anywhere you have Internet access.
  • Minimize your risks - Stay compliant with government regulations by letting the experts1 file your taxes on your behalf. If you incur a penalty or fine due to our error, we’ll take responsibility for paying it. 2
  • Enjoy more flexibility - You can pay your employees through direct deposit, paper checks, or pay cards—it’s your choice.
  • Receive exceptional service - We’ll pair you with a dedicated certified payroll professional1 who has, on average, more than ten years’ experience. You’ll also get access to unlimited customer service. No wonder our net promoter score is one of the highest. 3
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - Our six-month money-back guarantee 4 allows you to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with Sage Payroll Full Service.
  • Take back your time - with payroll completed, you’ll free up employees’ time to focus on other important tasks of your business.

For enrollment, servicing or questions, please contact a member of our Treasury Management team.

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1Sage does not render legal, tax, accounting, or investment advice in providing its services. Customer should seek such advice from an appropriate legal, tax, accounting, or finance professional. 2The error-free tax filing service guarantee includes payment of any fine or penalty directly resulting from any error by Sage. 3As of Q3 2014, Sage Payroll Services had a net promoter score of 72. 4The money-back guarantee is only available within the first six months of payroll processing with Sage Payroll Services through contacting our customer service department at 1-877-784-9706. The refund is only available on payroll processing fees, excluding courier, UPS fees, NSF charges, stop payment charges, and W-2 fees.Legend Bank and Sage Payroll Services are separate legal entities, which are not affiliated with each other in any way by common ownership, management, control, or otherwise. The content, availability, and processing accuracy of their Web site and products is the responsibility of Sage Payroll Services. Legend Bank makes no representations or warranties as to the suitability, accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information provided, including any information provided by Sage Payroll Services.