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Apple/Safari fix for online banking

If you are having problems accessing your online banking account in the Safari Browser or from an Apple product, please follow the instructions below to allow access to your accounts.

Instructions for Apple desktops and laptops

Using Safari for Online Banking on iPhone, iPad, and iTouch:

If you wish to access your accounts through the Safari Browser on your iPhone, iPad, and iTouch, you may need to follow these steps to initially allow online banking to open in Safari.

Start from your home screen:

Double click your home button to view open apps. The apps that appear in the box at the bottom are apps that are currently open on your device. Close all open apps. To do so, touch and hold one of the apps until all apps begin to wiggle. Click the close button (red circle with hyphen) on each app until no apps remain in the bottom of the screen.

After all apps are closed, press the home button to return to your home screen.
From your home screen, tap on the settings icon. In the settings menu, select Safari:

In Safari Settings, select “Always” for Accept Cookies. Then select “Clear History” and “Clear Cookies and Data.”

Once you have cleared cookies, data and history, click the home button. Open Safari and visit, login into online banking like you would from a typical computer. If you have properly completed these steps, the Safari Browser will allow access.