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Visa® Check Card

Get the power of cash behind your business when you get the card that works like a check. Instead of charging, paying with cash, or writing a check, Legend Bank business clients will enjoy the convenience of paying with a Check Card at the more than 11 million merchants around the world who accept Visa®.

But the Legend Check Card is not a credit card that you'll have to pay back. This is a debit card that draws directly from your business' checking account.

So enjoy the safety, practicality, and simplicity of making your business' purchases with your Legend Check Card -- we can issue one immediately for your company when you open your account. Ask us today!

Visa® Check Card

Simple to use, accepted the world over, without the hassle of credit and interest... get a Visa Check Card for your business today.

  • Use anywhere Visa is accepted
  • FREE unlimited ATM transactions at all Legend Bank ATMs*
  • Draws from your company's checking account
  • Each transaction appears on your statement
  • Security of a Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Secure Online Shopping with the Verified by VISA program

See "More Information" tab above for further details

*Non-Legend Bank ATM providers may assess an additional transaction fee

More Information

What are the daily limits?

  • Check card limits Point of Sale or signature transactions........$1,500 per day per card
  • Daily ATM withdrawals.....................................................$505